Reflections: Five Decades of SAF’s 2A Advocacy

SAF is pleased to announce the release of a video series commemorating SAF’s work over the past 50 years. This unique series will take viewers on a historical journey of SAF, showcasing its commitment to defend, secure and restore the Second Amendment.

Professor of Law Robert Cottrol explains the history of gun control legislation for SAF’s 50th anniversary video series.

SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb answers the question about the three most important cases to date regarding the Second Amendment.

SAF Board Member and host of Gun Talk Radio Tom Gresham discusses the importance of Heller, McDonald and Bruen.

SAF’s Dave Workman discusses what could potentially happen if the Second Amendment is eroded.

SAF’s VP of International Outreach Julianne Hoy Versnel discusses the importance of the natural right to self-defense.

Attorney George Lee answers the question: Why do we need to protect the Second Amendment?

Attorney Dave Jensen discusses how Second Amendment litigation serves as the backbone of case law and ultimately our constitutional rights.

Practicing attorney and SAF Executive Director Adam Kraut discusses SAF’s approach to litigation.

Attorney Don Kilmer gives examples of how SAF operates and the importance of their work.

SAF President Massad Ayoob discusses the importance of having the best attorney fighting Second Amendment cases.