BELLEVUE, WA – Earlier this week, a federal judge in New Orleans granted a motion that Mayor C. Ray Nagin be held in contempt for failing to abide by court orders to provide information on hundreds of seized firearms in city custody, and begin returning those guns to their rightful owners.

The Second Amendment Foundation – which is suing Nagin over the gun seizures – today said Nagin should step down or be asked to leave Michael Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” unless that group wants him as their poster child.

“Here we have a group formed by the anti-gun Big Apple mayor, whose membership includes the anti-gun Big Easy mayor, and all they have done so far is raise a Big Stink about so-called ‘weak’ gun laws,” said SAF founder Alan Gottlieb.

“Bloomberg’s claim that he only wants to remove illegal guns from the streets smacks of complete insincerity,” Gottlieb said, “when he counts among his ranks a mayor whose historic claim to infamy will be that he presided over the biggest illegal seizure of firearms from law-abiding gun owners in the history of this country. Those gun confiscations occurred without warrant, without due process and with no legal authority. If anyone knows about violating gun laws, and the state and federal constitutional gun rights of his constituents, that guy Nagin is an expert.

“But that’s just the kind of philosophy Mayor Bloomberg would embrace,” Gottlieb stated. “At least three mayors have quit Bloomberg’s coalition, and all gave pretty much the same reason for leaving. Mayors Against Illegal Guns has a far bigger, and farther reaching agenda than just disarming criminals, and every gun owner in the country knows it. What is Nagin’s role in this group? Maybe Bloomberg will appoint him to chair a committee on disarming people and leaving them defenseless. That’s what happens when you mix the Big Apple with the Big Easy. You get a Big Zero for public safety.”