The New York-based gun control group, PAX, which lists Sarah and James Brady among its advisors and co-sponsored Woodstock ’99, helped to incite the concert’s violent ending.

PAX, which is Latin for peace, handed out candles for an anti-gun protest. Fires started by concert-goers wielding the lit candles turned the rock concert into a massive inferno, forcing concert staff to jump from seven story towers set ablaze.

“It was totally irresponsible for PAX to distribute 200,000 candles to drunk and drugged rock music revelers,” said Alan Gottlieb, Founder of the Second Amendment Foundation.

The fires resulting in mass rioting forced stoned, naked fans to leap through flames as New York State Police in riot gear battled the out of control crowds.

Second Amendment Foundation research revealed that PAX is made up of entertainment industry elitists. PAX website lists Woodstock ’99 promoter, John Scher, as a member of its Board of Advisors. Funding and support for PAX comes from Handgun Control, Inc., New Jersey CeaseFire, Calvin Klein, DKNY Jeans, The GAP Foundation, numerous recording companies, HBO, MTV and Time-Warner Cable according to the organization’s website.

“If gun dealers sold guns to drunk and drug-crazed customers, you can bet that Jim and Sarah Brady and the national anti-gun media would have been all over the air waves with their demand to ban all firearms,” added Gottlieb.

“Handing candles to an impaired mob to light with the full awareness that rock concerts in the U.S. have had a bad history of mass disorders and even fatal riots, is tantamount to asking for violence.

“It is amazing that the media has virtually ignored this riot and refuses to acknowledge the double standards of the so-called anti-gun violence community.

“It could be because so large a faction of the media is part of the community,” concluded Gottlieb.

In addition to Sarah and James Brady being listed as advisors on the PAX website, Richard Aborn, former President of Handgun Control, Inc., as well as, anti-gun politicians Charles Schumer, Frank Lautenberg and Carolyn McCarthy are listed. Other advisors are mostly in the entertainment industry.