Gun owners on FBI’s Trump raid: ‘We told you so’

by Lee Williams

The FBI raid on President Donald Trump’s Florida home came as little surprise to the gun rights community. After all, the Department of Justice was weaponized against us the second the current occupants of the White House began measuring the drapes. Their agents have been running and gunning without any adult supervision ever since. So, it was only a matter of time before they became emboldened enough to raid a former President’s home – armed with weapons of war, no less.

To be clear, in the pre-Biden years when we actually had civil rights, if a federal law enforcement agency sought documents for an inquiry – like they wanted from President Trump – they would issue a subpoena, not a search warrant. That’s the way the DOJ worked before it was hired out as muscle for the DNC. Nowadays, if they’re investigating a Republican – even a former president – they send teams of armed agents instead of a fax.

According to news actors on cable TV, Tuesday’s FBI raid seems to fall somewhere between Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon to the firing on Fort Sumter. While the precedent and ramifications are extremely troubling, they’re certainly nothing new, especially for us. We’ve grown accustomed to civil rights abuse from the so-called Justice Department. We’ve been documenting their misdeeds since Joe Biden took his oath of office, which he seemingly violates nearly every day.

A few examples:

If you see something, say something

There’s an old adage: Sunlight is the best disinfectant. This is certainly true with federal agents’ misdeeds. The best way to stop federal overreach is by exposing it, each and every time.

This approach works. To the best of our knowledge, ATF has not conducted another warrantless home inspection in Delaware since a video of their actions went viral. Nearly everyone in the gun rights community helped the word get out.

Ours is a close community with numerous lines of communication. It is one of our strengths. When something bad happens to one of us, we can get the world out quickly. We need to ramp this up.

The FBI’s raid is just the latest example of how little the Biden-Harris administration values our civil rights – especially our Second Amendment rights. If they would do this to a former President – a man with Secret Service protection – what wouldn’t they do to one of us?

If you see something, say something.