Gun rights lobby: 1 – Biden’s gun ban lobby: 0

The gun banners had high hopes for Joe Biden, or more accurately, for the secret puppet-masters actually calling the shots in the Biden-Harris regime.

Now, their dreams of weaponizing the ATF are dashed.

David Chipman is no more.

For the American people, Chipman was a bridge too far, a sick joke who was unfit to lead a Cub Scout troop, much less the ATF. In an incredibly rare move, even our country’s sheriffs spoke out against his nomination.  

Chipman only has himself to blame for his failed nomination, which Team Biden leaked Thursday they would soon withdraw. He was his own worst enemy – a racist, lifelong anti-gun extremist who caused thousands of face-palms at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue whenever he opened his mouth.  

Now, a senior White House official told CNN they’re going to offer Chipman a “non-confirmed” job within the administration. I hope it involves a bucket and a mop.

It’s hard to make a case that the ATF even needs a director, because it’s hard to make a case that the country even needs the ATF. Like Chipman scuttling his own nomination, no one makes the case to abolish the ATF better than the ATF.

The agency has not had a Senate-confirmed director since 2015, but this hasn’t stopped them from labeling private gun makers as terrorists to overhype the threat to the Homeland, enabling Biden’s fantasy that “rogue” gun dealers cause crime, or trying to reclassify popular firearms in order to reclassify law-abiding gun owners into criminals.

To be clear, this is a massive victory – one everyone can celebrate and share.

“I want to thank every gun owner and concerned voter who contacted their Senators and helped us stop this dangerous nominee from being confirmed,” said SAF founder and executive vice president Alan M. Gottlieb. “This is a great grassroots victory for the Second Amendment. Gun rights lobby 1, Biden gun ban lobby zero!”