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Thanks to individuals like yourself…the Second Amendment Foundation has been able to fight to defend, restore, and expand your Second Amendment rights since 1974. Our fight for the Second Amendment has been built on a foundation of success with the goal to end government overreach, unconstitutional bans, and restrictive permitting laws that limit your right to self-protection. Inclusive of the landmark Supreme Court case McDonald v. City of Chicago, which opened the door to Second Amendment lawsuits against state governments and local municipalities, SAF has a trusted track record of success in the courts. In addition to membership, here are some additional ways you can support SAF:

Monthly Gifts / Constitution Defender Program:

Join the ranks of our Constitution Defender Program by providing reliable support to SAF’s mission with a recurring monthly gift of $17.87 (the year of the Constitutional Convention). Your pledge to support SAF monthly makes certain that the necessary resources can be deployed to defend the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.


Major / Strategic Giving:

Strategic giving, or major gifts, provides SAF with an immediate infusion of resources that helps favorably shape the battlefield for the Second Amendment. To request more information on major gifts please contact J. Pierce Shields, Esq., National Director of Advancement at [email protected] or call (425) 454-7012.

Planned Giving:

A planned gift to SAF is an impactful way to ensure the security of the Second Amendment and costs nothing during your lifetime. In the protracted war against the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, planned gifts allow for individuals, like yourself, to ensure SAF can continue its legal and educational work defending, restoring, and expanding our rights for years to come. To request more information on planned giving, please contact Gordon L. Nelson, CPA, CFP at [email protected] or call (435) 213-9986.

Or, to give by check, mail to: Second Amendment Foundation, Attn: Development, 12500 NE 10th Pl. Bellevue, WA 98005

Have questions or want further information? Email us at [email protected].