Women in this clue is broadcasting over
she should.
This is a test for the next 60 seconds. This
station will conduct a test of the emergency
broadcast system.
America. Here comes the relief from the pain and
apologetically this is lucky loaf with Bill free.
All right, good
to noon. This is like a low. Joining me now is the
investigative reporter from second Amendment
Foundation. He’s also the gun writer’s out, subsect
dot com and also armed American news, that being
Lee Williams. Good afternoon, sir,
big Brother. How are you doing? I’m just trying to
I think this
I gotta tell you this was a hell of a week
for the second amendment.
Tell me about it.
Well, yesterday,
I’m sorry, Tuesday,
the Louisiana Governor signed constitutional Kerry
and the
doesn’t take effect on July fourth, which you know,
brother, is not a bad day
to have that take of that sure, okay,
and then yes, last night I get a call for mark
armed American radio with good news about your
state. Yeah,
they finally moved the ball on