BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation’s landmark victory in McDonald v. City of Chicago, which incorporates the Second Amendment to the states, makes this weekend’s 4th of July “really worth celebrating,” said SAF founder Alan Gottlieb.

“I cannot think of a more auspicious moment for Americans to celebrate freedom, liberty and America’s birthday than on the heels of a Supreme Court ruling that underscores what those terms are all about,” said Gottlieb. “The right to keep and bear arms has long set our country apart from other nations, and has been the foundation upon which our other civil rights have remained in existence.

“Who knows where this nation might have been today,” he continued, “if we had not had the means to resist tyranny at Lexington and Concord? America may get a bad rap for our so-called ‘gun culture,’ but it is a fair question to ask our critics around the world where they would be today if America had not twice come to their rescue, and for that, America needs never to apologize.

“Armed citizens today carry on in the tradition of our self-reliant ancestors,” Gottlieb added. “We are the true first responders, defending our homes, families and family-owned businesses, and now our individual right to keep and bear arms in every corner of this greatest nation has been affirmed by the Supreme Court.

“We’re particularly proud to be at the center of this historic victory, along with our friends at the Illinois State Rifle Association and, of course, Otis McDonald, Adam Orlov and David and Colleen Lawson,” Gottlieb stated.

“Lately,” he concluded, “some politicians and their gun prohibitionist supporters have suggested repealing the Second Amendment, or adopting restrictive laws and rules that would regulate this fundamental civil right out of practical existence. If you want to see real fireworks, this weekend or anytime, you just go ahead and try. A move that foolish would ignite political and legal fireworks that would make this weekend’s shows seem bland by comparison!”