BELLEVUE, WA – “Joe Biden is accelerating his attack on guns by nominating an anti-gun-rights activist to be the next ATF czar, through executive orders, and Congressional legislation,” the Second Amendment Foundation declared as it prepares to launch a new national television advertising campaign to alert the public.

The new 60-second message will be broadcast 99 times more than 20 different networks starting on Memorial Day and running through the first week of June. The ads will appear on the following networks: Fox News, Fox Business, One America News Network, Newsmax, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, TrueTV, DishTV, DirecTV, Weather, Bloomberg, Investigation Discovery, American Heroes Channel, Destination, SYFY, History, TV Land, Great American Channel, Rural TV and America’s National Voice Channel.

“We’re raising the alarm about Biden’s gun rights eradication program,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “At the same time Biden’s Democratic party is pushing efforts to defund police departments while releasing criminals without bail, his dangerous policies have led to exploding crime rates. It’s no wonder that people are buying guns in record numbers.”

The message warns that the Second Amendment is under attack like no other time in history.

“Joe Biden and Kalama Harris have pledged to take away your Second Amendment rights,” the SAF advertisement states. Viewers are asked to text “Join SAF” to “474747, or go to “”

“Less than six months into his administration,” Gottlieb said, “it’s clear to us that Joe Biden wants American citizens to be victimized twice, once by criminals and then by the government, through gun bans, gun confiscation and government regulations. Radical gun legislation has already passed in the U.S. House and is awaiting action in the Senate.

“The right of American citizens to own a gun is on the line,” he said. “We’re urging every American gun owner to get in the fight, and do it today. Tomorrow could be too late.”