BELLEVUE, WA – Wednesday’s shootout in Philadelphia that left six of that city’s courageous police officers injured stands as yet another example of the failure of gun control because the suspect in this case has been identified as having a lengthy criminal background that precluded him from possessing firearms, the Second Amendment Foundation said today.

“The suspect in Philadelphia has done time for drug and gun law violations, and other crimes,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “He’s a walking example of gun control failure and considering his background, we’re wondering why he was even on the streets. His presence in the community underscores the argument for judicial reform, and his ability to obtain firearms shows once again that gun control laws do not prevent determined criminals from getting their hands on guns.”

News reports say the suspect had an AR15 rifle and several handguns. Gottlieb noted that millions of honest citizens have such firearms, which were not designed for the military, and they have harmed nobody. Indeed, he added, private citizens have used such rifles to defend themselves and others from harm.

There was the case in Sutherland Springs, Texas where a private citizen used an AR15 to shoot a crazed mass killer who had opened fire in a nearby church, Gottlieb recalled. In a different case, an Oklahoma man used an AR15 to fatally shoot three home intruders. Last year in Colorado, he continued, a retired Alabama man camping in the Pike National Forest used two AR15 rifles to stop the suspect in a shooting spree.

“Law-abiding citizens use semi-auto rifles for all kinds of purposes, including self-defense,” Gottlieb said. “However, instead of admitting that their gun control laws have failed, politicians try to exploit cases like Philadelphia to demand more gun laws that also won’t work because criminals don’t obey the law.

“You do not prevent criminals from having guns by disarming their intended victims,” he explained about gun control laws. “But that’s the nature of gun control. It penalizes the good guys and doesn’t stop the bad guys.”