BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation today announced that CheaperThanDirt has made an unprecedented contribution of $100,000, making the online sporting goods retailer SAF’s first-ever Diamond Level sponsor.

Created in response to the generous donation from CheaperThanDirt, the Diamond level of sponsorship indicates the highest level of support for SAF’s continued efforts to restore firearms rights “one lawsuit at a time,” as SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb explains it.

A partial list of recent SAF legal triumphs include Moore v. Madigan, Woollard v. Sheridan, Chan v. Seattle and the landmark Supreme Court decision in McDonald v. Chicago.

SAF wins outside the courtroom, too. On Feb. 5 in Oak Harbor, Wash., a combination of educational and grass roots efforts backed by the promise of legal action from the SAF persuaded city leaders to actually follow state law – a result of the SAF Preemption Legal Project. The SAF Preemption Legal Project assists cities and counties in achieving compliance with state firearms laws through education and when required – litigation.

SAF educational programs include the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference, the publication of and Women & Guns, and providing a variety of other publications.

The support of CheaperThanDirt for the right of law abiding persons to keep and bear arms is beyond question and their generous sponsorship of SAF demonstrates the sincerity of their support for SAF’s efforts to protect and restore firearms rights.

“The level of support from CheaperThanDirt both delighted and shocked me,” said SAF Director of Development Ray Carter. “SAF has never before received a single donation of this size and by itself CheaperThanDirt’s contribution will make possible a major expansion of SAF legal action and education efforts. We are privileged to consider CheaperThanDirt a partner in our efforts.”