BELLEVUE, WA – The gun prohibition lobby is “dancing in the blood of the Kalamazoo shooting victims to push their agenda of public disarmament,” the Second Amendment Foundation said today.

“Yesterday, President Barack Obama had the gall to suggest that executive actions that he took in January might have prevented this tragedy,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, “and this morning in an email fund raising blast, Shannon Watts, founder of the Moms Demand Action group, intimidated that their gun control schemes could also prevent such incidents.

“It’s not true,” he bristled, “and they know it!”

Kalamazoo murder suspect Jason Dalton had no criminal or mental health record, and that has been reported by every responsible news agency in the country, Gottlieb observed. But the co-author of “Dancing in Blood, Exposing the Gun Ban Lobby’s Playbook to Destroy Your Rights” said the remarks from Obama and Watts both follow a key strategy outlined by gun control strategists more than three years ago.

In their booklet ‘Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging” anti-gun activists are told to “Always focus on emotional and value-driven arguments” instead of “wonky statistics.” They are advised to tell the public that America has weak gun laws.

“It is bad enough,” Gottlieb stated, “that the gun ban lobby exploits such a crime, but for a sitting president to also press an anti-Second Amendment agenda that will impact tens of millions of his fellow citizens and not accomplish a whit toward truly reducing violent crime is beyond the pale.

“In my book,” he said, “this kind of spectacle is exposed for what it really is, a flimsy sham designed to fool the American public into believing that more restrictions on the rights of law-abiding citizens will somehow stop crime. The gun control fraud is wearing thinner with each new tragedy. The public is waking up, increasing numbers of people are buying guns and learning to use them, and they are not going to allow their rights to be taken away because of crimes they didn’t commit.”