BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation has launched an ambitious television advertising campaign promoting its “Second Amendment First Responder” program, promoting gun rights activism as the fall campaign season kicks off.

Our ad campaign will appear on Fox News, DISH TV, One America News and Newsmax,” said SAF founder and executive vice president Alan M. Gottlieb. “Our message is simple and direct. Gun rights need to be protected now more than ever as America is under attack by anarchists who have been undermining public safety by demanding we defund police agencies, and essentially allow a breakdown of law and order.

“We’re offering a counter to violent lawbreakers who have been hiding behind the veil of public protest to riot and loot, destroy public and private property and throw society into chaos,” he added. “There has been no more important time in recent history for law-abiding Americans to step forward and defend their right to keep and bear arms, and that’s what Second Amendment First Responders is really all about. We’re not promoting a candidate or a political party, just a worthy cause.”

“This isn’t about electing, it’s about protecting,” Gottlieb observed. “Mounting this television advertising campaign is the most effective way to reach millions of citizens quickly, especially the five million citizens who bought guns for the first time this year.”

It’s easy to participate in the Second Amendment First Responder program, he explained. Simply text “PROTECT 2A” to “474747.” A message will come back immediately from SAF explaining how activists are the front line when it comes to defending the right to keep and bear arms. They increase their activism by becoming “force multipliers” who then recruit additional volunteers to build their own local networks.

“This is grassroots activism at its most basic, boots-on-the-ground level,” Gottlieb said. “The best part about the Second Amendment First Responder program is that it is entirely free.

“In order to defend our rights,” he concluded, “we’ve got to protect the one right that makes it possible. Second Amendment First Responders is the project that puts it all together, and our television advertising campaign brings the message to Americans across the country.”