BELLEVUE, WA – Next week, the Second Amendment Foundation is launching a new nationwide TV campaign to protect the Second Amendment by joining SAF’s popular “2nd Amendment First Responder” program.

The 2nd Amendment First Responder project has brought tens of thousands of gun rights activists to the front lines in what promises to be a battle royal over the right to keep and bear arms.

“Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been crystal clear about their gun control and confiscation intentions since Day One,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “There is no way to misunderstand where they want to take America, and in order to get there, they plan to trample the Second Amendment. We’re launching a new television advertising effort to recruit more 2A First Responders.”

The one-minute message, which will appear 40 times on several TV networks, pulls no punches. The lineup includes DirecTV, Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, MSNBC, The Weather Channel, One America News Network, CNBC, HLN, Bloomberg and Dish TV. It tells viewers their Second Amendment rights are under attack like no other time in history. Biden and Harris have pledged to make taking away your Second Amendment rights a top priority of their administration.

“The Biden-Harris plan includes a ban on so-called ‘assault rifles’ and magazines, with those already in private hands to be regulated and taxed under provisions of the National Firearms Act,” Gottlieb said. “They plan to impose a one-gun-purchase-per-month restriction, they want to require licensing before anyone can even purchase a firearm, and impose waiting periods and invasive background checks.

“Long story short,” he observed, “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to treat the Second Amendment like a heavily-regulated privilege instead of a fundamental constitutional right. Gun owners can fight back by enlisting in the 2nd Amendment First Responder program. Just text ‘PROTECT 2A’ to ‘474747’ and gun owners will be able to join this movement immediately.

“Biden and Harris have aligned themselves with wealthy anti-gunners like Michael Bloomberg,” he stated. “They want to appoint self-styled gun grabber Beto O’Rourke as their ‘gun czar.’ They want a fight and we’re going to give them one.”