BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation has named Andrew Gottlieb as its new director of Outreach and Development, representing the second generation of family activism in promoting and defending the right to keep and bear arms.

Gottlieb is the son of SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb and Julianne Versnel. A recent graduate of Arizona State University, he has been living in Phoenix, where he served as a Ronald Reagan Fellow intern at the famous Goldwater Institute. He has also represented SAF at the Conservative Political Action Conference, and he has previously interned at the SAF headquarters.

A native of Bellevue, the 25-year-old Gottlieb graduated with a degree in inter-disciplinary studies, focusing on Political Science and U.S. History.

“It’s a real treat to have Andrew join the staff,” the elder Gottlieb acknowledged. “He has grown up around the struggle to protect and expand Second Amendment rights, so he arrives as no stranger to what the foundation does, and what it hopes to accomplish in the years ahead.”

Andrew is a gun owner and has been shooting since age 4. He’s going to put that experience to work, in both fund raising efforts and in outreach projects aimed at minority communities, bringing them into the gun rights battle.

“The Second Amendment is all-inclusive,” Andrew observed. “It’s a big tent, and I will also be reaching out to millennials, who are the future of shooting sports and gun rights activism.”

The younger Gottlieb literally hit the ground running, and is already involved in expanding sponsorship for the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference, scheduled on the last weekend in September, in Phoenix. He is also working on the 2016 GRPC. In addition, he is updating SAF’s social media presence, raising the foundation’s prominence with millennials.