SAF’s investigative journalism project: An update from your editor


It’s been just over a month since we launched the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project, so it’s time for an update.

Thanks to you, our pro-gun stories are hitting hard. We’ve been able to shed some light on major Second Amendment issues, which were completely ignored by the legacy media. (Note: We don’t say mainstream media because we are the mainstream, not them.) In fact, we were able to present stories you won’t find anywhere else – stories that actually made a difference in people’s lives. I like to say we’re comforting the afflicted, and afflicting the comfortable – especially the politicians.

Some of the highlights include:

USA TODAY partners with Bloomberg anti-gun advocacy group for investigative series – An exclusive look at how Gannett’s flagship newspaper violated its own ethical rules by partnering with an anti-gun advocacy group and giving them editorial control.

More than half of the country is now a Second Amendment sanctuary – We showed how the growing national trend of preserving the Second Amendment through local and state legislation has been largely ignored by the legacy media, even though 55% of all U.S. counties are now 2A sanctuaries.

Special Report: Red-flagged at age 14 – We revealed how a young man’s life was changed forever when California officials falsely branded him as a school shooter.

SAF court victory: Judge says Cal. ‘Assault Weapon Ban’ unconstitutional – We were the first to break the news of SAF’s incredible work.

New Jersey Attorney General misusing his office to shut down out-of-state firearm businesses – We showed how New Jersey’s Attorney General was ordering banned firearm products from out-of-state firms and then extorting thousands of dollars through lawsuits.

It’s Bill Clinton’s fault – We exposed how the Democrats now want more gun dealers so they can conduct more background checks even though there’s a shortage of gun dealers, which can be traced back to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Factchecking the President’s recent comments on guns – We showed how President Biden rewrote history and had little regard for the truth during his first joint address to Congress.

Bias exposed: Media asks Bloomberg groups how to cover mass shootings – We revealed how anti-gun activists were training journalists to cover mass-shooting their way, and requiring them to sign an oath.

Stolen Valor: Gunmaker with DoD contacts falsely claims to be a Green Beret – This story was produced through a partnership with the Guardians of the Green Beret. (They asked for our help). It exposed a fake Green Beret – a Tennessee gunmaker who was never a Special Forces weapon sergeant as he had claimed.

There’s no better example of ‘may issue’ ignorance than the Los Angeles County Sheriff –How the LA Sheriff refuses to allow his constituents to defend themselves despite skyrocketing violent crime rates.

It’s nearly impossible for me to track all of the groups that are sharing our work on their websites or circulating our stories to their members on social media, but some of the bigger sites include: Ammoland News, The Truth About Guns, The Gun Feed, Bearing Arms, Soldier Systems, USA Gun blog, American Gun Alliance, and many more.

We are making a difference. Our reach is growing. We are adding more readers every single day, and news tips are pouring in. We need your support in order to keep this going, especially now.

When you look at the President’s intent, the threat to our gun culture is growing every day. He wants to ban ARs, pistol braces, home-builds – which they call “ghost guns” – standard-capacity mags and more, and this is just what they’ve made public – what we know of. It seems that every day his team invents a new “loophole” that suddenly needs closing, and each one is an infringement of our God-given constitutional rights.

The problem for gun owners is that no one is pushing back. No one questions what Biden and his anti-rights crowd propose. The legacy media worships the guy, and they’ll parrot whatever he or his VP say as if it’s gospel. They are winning the misinformation war.

If you can help us fight back, you will have my eternal thanks. Click here for information on how to make a donation. Rest assured; I’ll squeeze every single dime.

As always, thanks for your time.