SAF’s Official Statement Regarding Obama’s Executive Actions

Bellevue, WA – On January 5, 2016 President Obama announced more executive actions that continue his vendetta against the Second Amendment and lawful gun owners. The constant politicization of tragedies to push his anti-gun rights agenda is outrageous. His actions are just another attempt for an impotent administration to circumvent the U.S. constitution.

If the administration believes that background checks are so important, the best thing to do would be to freely open up the NICS system to every seller and expand privacy provisions. These executive actions haven’t and won’t stop criminals or terrorists; they only ensure that people have to jump through more hoops and pay to exercise their constitutional rights.

We constantly see the results of firearm restrictions in cities like Chicago, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. When the police cannot protect the people, the people need to be able to protect themselves. It is time to pay attention to this reality.

The Second Amendment Foundation will not give up in our fight to protect and spread awareness of the rights guaranteed by our constitution. The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.