BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation today renewed its pledge to sue Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels if he pushes through a proposed rule that would ban legally-carried firearms in city Parks and Recreations Department facilities.

The proposed rule change was announced Friday morning. SAF founder Alan Gottlieb quickly noted that this rule would violate Washington State’s long standing firearms preemption statute, first adopted more than 25 years ago. That law has become a model for similar state laws all over the country.

“This must be Greg Nickels’ desperate parting shot at gun owners who worked hard to make sure he did not survive the primary election last month,” Gottlieb observed. “He has already been advised by Attorney General Rob McKenna’s office that he has no authority to impose gun laws that are more restrictive than state statute, and under state law, private citizens may legally carry concealed handguns on public property if they’re licensed to do so.

“Public property does not belong to Mayor Nickels,” he added, “it belongs to the people.

“If this rule is adopted,” Gottlieb said, “it is our intent to immediately file a lawsuit against the city with our sister organization, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. I guarantee there will be lots of people lining up to become plaintiffs.”

Nickles came in third in last month’s primary, effectively ending his reign in the mayor’s office. He has been threatening to ban guns on all city property since June of last year.

“Evidently,” Gottlieb stated, “the mayor wants to be a two time loser, once at the ballot box and once in the courtroom.”