BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation announced that American Legacy Firearms presented SAF with a check for over $61,000 and became a 2013 Platinum Sponsor. American Legacy Firearms owner Steve Faler and General Sales Manager Rosemary Silano traveled from Fort Collins, CO to SAF’s headquarters in Bellevue, WA to personally present the check, the second in a series of what Faler says should be several such checks.

American Legacy Firearms is funding their support of the Second Amendment Foundation through royalties from sales of numbered series of five thousand beautifully engraved 1911 style pistols in fifty separate series of one hundred each in fifty states.

SAF continues to represent the cutting edge of preservation and restoration of firearms rights with recent courtroom triumphs in Moore v. Madigan and Ezell v. Chicago in addition to the landmark Supreme Court Decision in McDonald v. Chicago. SAF education programs include the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference, publications and new initiatives such as the Preemption Legal Project that ensures the compliance by cities and counties with state firearm preemption laws.

“I’m pleased to welcome American Legacy Firearms as a sponsor of the Second Amendment Foundation. As a longtime admirer of their quality presentation grade firearms I am particularly glad to welcome them as a sponsor and to note their generous support of SAF and our efforts to protect and restore firearms rights one lawsuit at a time,” said SAF Director of Development Ray Carter.

“With the recent anti-gun legislation passed in several states, and on the horizon, SAF will need to take meaningful legal action in response. American Legacy Firearms support will significantly increase our effectiveness,” concluded Carter.