The arrest of a man identified by Fox News as a bodyguard for anti-gun film director Michael Moore by New York Port Authority Police Wednesday evening proves that Moore is an elitist who thinks it is fine for him to have armed security, while he has endeavored to disarm other law-abiding Americans, the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) said today.

Adding to the irony, said SAF Founder Alan M. Gottlieb, is the fact that bodyguard Patrick Burke was arrested for violating the kind of Draconian gun law that Moore and his extremist gun control contemporaries would support. Burke was reportedly arrested at JFK International Airport when he declared his firearm at the ticket counter, as required by law when traveling.

New York authorities habitually arrest private citizens at airports around the state when they declare firearms as required by law, and do not have a New York firearms license. It is a technicality that has tripped up many travelers who may simply be going through the state on their way to or from other destinations.

“Michael Moore is a world-class hypocrite for campaigning against the gun rights of law-abiding citizens, while having an armed bodyguard,” Gottlieb observed. “Unfortunately for Mr. Burke, who is reportedly licensed to carry a firearm in Florida and California, he has been tripped up by the same anti-gun mentality espoused by his elitist employer. Sadly, if criminal charges are pursued, it will be Mr. Burke, not his boss, who takes the fall, possibly losing his gun rights in the process, because possession of an unlicensed gun in New York is a felony.

“Like so many other arrogant Hollywood anti-gunners, Michael Moore obviously considers his life more important than the lives of all the people he would disarm,” Gottlieb stated. “His malevolence toward the rights of gun owners only adds to the hypocrisy of this case.

“Naturally,” Gottlieb concluded, “we would be delighted to recommend a suitable lawyer from the SAF attorney referral list to represent Mr. Burke. And we’re certain Malevolent Michael will happily pick up the tab.”

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