BELLEVUE, WA – Dan Mitchell, a firearms retailer and veteran gun rights activist and founder of the Washington Civil Rights Association, has been elected to a position on the Second Amendment Foundation’s Board of Directors. His company, Sporting Systems, is located in Vancouver, Washington.

Mitchell comes to the SAF board after having been a plaintiff in the foundation’s ongoing federal court challenge of Washington State’s gun control Initiative 1639, and in other cases.

“Dan Mitchell comes to the SAF Board of Directors with the kind of credentials one only gets by being on the inside as a businessman, and as a litigant,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “He has been a volunteer fund raiser, a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the firearms retail arena, and a willing—if not downright eager—participant in legal challenges to oppressive gun control laws. I’ve known Dan for several years, and I am delighted to welcome him to the SAF Board.”

“This position will allow me to share my regional experiences with the Second Amendment Foundation and thus, a nationwide audience,” Mitchell said. “It is my hope that the trust they have placed in me will result in bigger legal victories, a better coordinated fight in the state legislatures and the restoration of your Second Amendment rights nationwide. I’m honored to serve in this position and humbled by the support of the board. Quite simply, SAF is the most respected 2A organization in the country, and I am sincerely honored to join their board of trustees and support their mission to the best of my ability.”

“Dan’s unique perspective and retail background will be extremely important as SAF moves ahead in its effort to defend and expand Second Amendment rights,” noted SAF Executive Director Adam Kraut. “As a firearms dealer in Washington State, he has literally been at Ground Zero in the fight against gun control demagoguery, and he brings that experience to the board at a time when we expect a great deal of activity. We’re fortunate to have him come aboard.”