Strict gun control in Chicago has worked…to once again boost the homicide rate, making the Windy City the most murderous city in the nation for the past 12 months, the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) said today.

“Chicago finished off the year with more murders than New York or Los Angeles,” said SAF Founder Alan Gottlieb. “During the past 12 months, 599 people were murdered in Chicago, three more than in New York, where 596 people were slain, and about 100 more than in Los Angeles.

“Isn’t it remarkable,” he observed, “that Chicago, New York and Los Angeles have some of the toughest gun laws in the nation, yet they still typically lead the nation in the number of homicides?”

Gottlieb was particularly critical about Chicago’s murders because Mayor Richard Daley has made his anti-gun philosophy a cornerstone of his administration. Gottlieb recalled that one of the city’s highest profile crimes was the workplace massacre at Windy City Core Supply in August. In that case, recidivist felon Salvador Tapia used an unregistered handgun that had previously been owned by two now-deceased Chicago police officers.

“How Tapia got a gun that had been owned by two cops in violation of the very gun laws they were sworn to uphold underscores the hypocrisy and complete failure of Chicago’s Draconian anti-gun laws,” Gottlieb stated. “Chicago’s murder rate will stand as a monument the institutionalized brutality that gun control represents.

“On the other hand, in Detroit, a city once plagued by runaway murder rates, the number of homicides has reportedly dropped to its lowest level since 1968,” Gottlieb noted. “Two years ago, Michigan reformed its concealed carry law, and today, thousands of law-abiding citizens in Michigan are legally armed. Gosh, do you suppose there is any correlation?

“Mayor Daley should publicly admit that gun control in his city has been an absolute failure,” Gottlieb stated. “It is time for Daley and his anti-gun colleagues to take responsibility for every one of these killings, and to either change the law, or get out of public service.”

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