Novotny v. Moore

Novotny v. Moore

United States District Court for the District of Maryland

Filed: May 16, 2023

Status: Active

On May 16, 2023, Maryland’s Governor Wes Moore signed SB1 into law, amending Maryland’s gun laws, which among other things, implemented an expansive new ban on areas where a person could lawfully carry a handgun – many of which were previously unregulated. 

Some of those areas included, among others, health care facilities, special purpose areas (such as museums and locations licensed to sell or dispense alcohol for on-site consumption – e.g. restaurants), and privately owned buildings open to the public. The lawsuit challenges the aforementioned locations in addition to certain areas that were previously restricted, such as parks, state forests, and certain modes of public transportation.

Later that day, the Second Amendment Foundation filed suit, along with two other civil rights organizations, and three individuals. The lawsuit asks a federal court to declare that portions of Maryland’s new law, along with certain sections of old law, violate the Second and Fourteenth Amendment and enjoin the Defendants from enforcing the carry ban.

Case Team: Mark Pennak, David Thompson, Peter Patterson, and Matthew Larosiere

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To access all of the case documents, please visit the original docket and the Kipke v. Moore docket. ***Note*** This case was consolidated with Kipke v. Moore and all docket entries after July 13, 2023 are found on the Kipke docket.

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