BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation is calling a visit by Democrat Congresswoman Katherine Clark to a Massachusetts high school Monday a “partisan effort to indoctrinate students toward voting for anti-gun-rights politicians.”

A report on Clark’s visit to Arlington High School appearing in the Boston Globe revealed she advised students to vote for people who support gun control and against those who resist efforts to place more restrictions on Second Amendment rights. She was accompanied by Congressman Maxwell Frost (D-FL), who also advocated for more gun control, which the newspaper calls “gun reform” in its report.

“At the very least,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb, “Clark’s visit to push a gun control agenda amounts to a misuse of taxpayer-supported school facilities to advance partisan politics. Clark has been a perennial backer of Second Amendment restrictions.

“We’re not talking about educating high school students,” he added, “but indoctrination, which is not what the public schools are supposed to allow, much less encourage by providing a one-sided forum for a politician with an agenda. It is no wonder that parents are up in arms over what is happening in our public schools.

“Our children should be educated about constitutional rights,” Gottlieb observed, “instead of being schooled by politicians on how to erode them by electing people who will try to erase part of the Bill of Rights.

“We’re also wondering how it is that school officials were given the go-ahead for such a one-sided program to even happen during the school day,” he said. “Clark not only promoted gun control, but according to the Boston Globe account, she even criticized newly-installed House Speaker Mike Johnson for not supporting an anti-gun-rights agenda. Clark’s visit amounts to nothing more than an early 2024 campaign stop at a public school, to encourage students who may be eligible to vote next year to reflexively vote against anyone who defends the Second Amendment against extremist gun control.”