I am Julianne Versnel, Vice President of International Outreach at the Second Amendment Foundation. I am also the Chair of the World Forum on Shooting Activities Image Committee.

First, I would like to acknowledge the 50th Anniversary of IWA and recognize the essential support that they have given WFSA over the past 25-plust years. I would also like to thank my colleagues at World Forum for Shooting Activities for the privilege to make this Call to Action.

In 2016, I gave the Call to Action for WFSA’s 20th Anniversary — it was an intellectual exercise. This year my goal is to energize and inspire you. This Call to Action comes from my heart.

If you look around the room, you will see that not much has changed. But we all know that in the past eight years everything has changed.

The stakes for all of us in keeping, and more importantly growing, the shooting sports have never been higher. There is no way we can underestimate what we need to do. We need to be on the offensive with an attitude of positivity and friendly smiles on our faces.

Family is more important than ever before. It is what sustains us professionally, personally and emotionally. Our family is the one that we are born into, the family we choose and the family that chooses us.

There are three things that I would like to share with you that I have learned as a friend, mother, wife and professional.

  1. It all comes out in the wash. There is almost nothing that has been done that cannot be corrected.
  2. Some time there are no “do-overs,” and we must make hard decisions and follow through when it might be easier to simply step back.
  3. When you are assigned a critical task with an unmeetable deadline, what do you do? You ask for help.

So, I am asking for help. WFSA is asking for your help.

WFSA is a family. All of us in this room are all family. We are family if we are members of guests.

Please introduce yourself to those around you.

We are all here with different business cards, but we are all here as part of the WFSA family. Exchange cards or contact information. I will be available afterwards if you would like to share a business card with me.