BELLEVUE, WA – San Francisco City Supervisor Chris Daly, architect of the city’s failed Proposition H handgun ban, should personally finance the city’s planned appeal of yesterday’s court ruling that overturned the measure, the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) said today.

SAF was joined by the National Rifle Association, Law Enforcement Alliance of America and California Association of Firearms Retailers, and several private citizens in its successful lawsuit against Proposition H. Superior Court Judge James Warren yesterday struck down the measure. Earlier today, City Attorney Dennis Herrera announced the city will appeal that ruling.

“If he has any conscience at all,” said SAF founder Alan Gottlieb, “Chris Daly would dig into his own pocket and compensate the city for every penny it will spend defending this outrageous measure. In a city known for its celebration of diversity, Daly and his followers are blowing tens of thousands of additional dollars on what amounts to an attempt to legislate social bigotry against a class of citizens whose only crime against political correctness was that they own firearms.

“Think of all the better uses that money could go to,” Gottlieb suggested. “Couldn’t that money be far better spent on programs for the homeless, public health clinics, AIDS research and hospices, shelters for battered women and other programs? How many additional staff could be hired at San Francisco General Hospital or the San Francisco Department of Public Health? How many more firemen and police officers could be hired to provide public safety? Maybe the city could purchase another aid car, and train additional paramedics. The money could be spent on park maintenance, public transportation; anything but this folly.

“Daly and Herrera will spend more thousands of taxpayer dollars on this campaign of gun hatred,” Gottlieb said. “They better be prepared to explain to every heart patient, every burned-out homeowner, every crime victim who couldn’t get timely police assistance, every homeless person and every domestic violence victim why this anti-gun agenda is more important than their needs.”

Judge Warren’s decision can be read at, along with briefs filed in the case.

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