The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) today endorsed an effort by the Ohioans For Concealed Carry (OFCC) to force cities in Ohio to rescind illegal ordinances that violate the state’s new concealed carry statute.

OFCC has advised communities in the Buckeye State by mail that they have until the first week of August to repeal ordinances that attempt to restrict the lawful carry of concealed handguns by citizens who are legally licensed to do so under the new statute.

SAF Founder Alan Gottlieb noted, “SAF was a lead plaintiff in the court battle that ultimately convinced state lawmakers to pass this legislation. Our case also produced the state Supreme Court ruling that affirmed the right of Ohio citizens to openly carry sidearms for personal protection. We’re not going to ignore our supporters and good friends in Ohio at this point, because they happen to be right.

“This kind of thing isn’t happening only in Ohio,” Gottlieb observed. “In every state where sensible concealed carry legislation has passed recently, anti-gunners have gone out of their way to confuse and restrict law-abiding citizens who have every right to arm themselves against criminal assault. These insidious attempts to defy state statute, wherever they occur, must be stopped, and we applaud the OFCC effort.”

So far, it appears the communities of Clyde and Arcanum are the worst offenders, but other communities have adopted very carefully worded measures that appear to be designed only to confuse gun owners about where they may legally carry.

“It’s time for petty Ohio officials to stop playing word games with the rights of their constituents,” Gottlieb stated. “Residents of these communities should remember the city officials responsible for these ordinances, and demand an explanation when they campaign in the fall.”

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