BELLEVUE, WA – Tom Taylor, chief marketing officer and executive vice president for Commercial Sales at SIG SAUER, has been elected to the Second Amendment Foundation’s Board of Directors.

SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb said Taylor is a welcome addition to the board, and he brings a strong business background and many years of experience in the firearms industry to the table.

“SIG SAUER was so proud to be the first company to lead the way for the firearms industry by becoming a
long-term, high level sponsor for the Second Amendment Foundation, to support the great work they are doing to protect and defend the Second Amendment through a comprehensive litigation strategy,” said Taylor. “Now I am personally honored to join the board so we can now be part of the process at an even higher level, not just with our financial resources, but now with time and effort. We truly believe that while the Second Amendment Foundation continues to do the great work it has been doing for 50 years, it has stepped up even further to fill a great void in protecting what is so vitally critical to our country.”

Prior to joining SIG SAUER in March 2015, Taylor spent five years at O.F. Mossberg as senior vice president of sales and marketing, and U.S. commercial sales. Before joining Mossberg, Taylor spent five years at Smith & Wesson as vice president of marketing and product development. While at S&W, Taylor led the development and introduction of the Military & Police rifle and pistol lines. Before that, he also spent time with Remington/Freedom Group as senior vice president overseeing several special projects.

Taylor is recognized as an industry activist who strongly supports Second Amendment advocacy, the shooting sports and hunting.

“We are fortunate to have Tom Taylor joining our Board of Directors,” Gottlieb stated. “His extensive background in the firearms industry will provide a wealth of knowledge and experience that will be critical as the foundation moves forward, expanding our activities into 2024 and beyond.”